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Audi A6/C5 Brake System Servicing

October 30th, 2010 · No Comments

Front brakes (FN-3), servicing
Note: Install complete repair kit.
After replacing brake pads and before moving vehicle, depress brake pedal several times firmly to properly seat brake pads in their normal operating position.
When siphoning brake fluid, always use a bleeder bottle that is used exclusively for brake fluid. Brake fluid is poisonous. NEVER siphon brake fluid with your mouth!
Wheel bolt tightening torque: 120 Nm
Check brake caliper for freedom of movement by sliding to side.
1 – Brake hose
Do not disconnect when removing brake pads
2 – Protective cap
3 – Guide pins, 25 Nm
4 – Brake line, 15 Nm
Install in brake caliper housing
Attach to brake hose, counter hold on brake hose hex when attaching
Make sure tabs are properly seated in retainer grooves
5 – Brake caliper housing
- Check that the brake calipers moves freely by moving it from side to side
6 – Ribbed bolt, tightening torques.
7 – Brake carrier
Bolt to wheel bearing housing
Always replace on both sides of the car
8 – Brake pads
Note: Inner pad (with spring) is marked with an arrow. The arrow must point in the direction of forward rotation of the brake disc when installed. Noise may result from incorrect installation.
Remove adhesive foil from backing plates on outer brake pads before installing
Both pairs of brake pads on front axle must always be replaced together.


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