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Barber-Colman 1/4 ft. lb. Linear Governor on Nissan H15/H20-II/H25 Engine Installation

March 5th, 2011 · No Comments

The governor actuator mounting bracket is attached to the intake/exhaust manifold mounting bolts and secured with two nuts. This governor installation is intended to control an Impco CA55 LP or natural gas type carbure- tor. The actuator is to be connected to hold the throttle in the closed position when power is removed from the system.
A. Engine Preparation
1. Disconnect the battery.
2. Remove and discard any linkage attached to the carburetor’s throttle lever. Save the throttle lever for modification.
3. Remove the two center intake/exhaust manifold nuts and spacers. (Save the M8 nuts for later use.
B. Actuator Installation
1. Obtain from the parts list the actuator (Item 1), actuator bracket (Item 3), socket head cap screws (1/4-28 x .875)(Item 7), lock washers (1/4)(Item 6) and hex nuts (1/4-28)(Item 8).
2. Attach the actuator (Item 1) to the bracket (Item 3) using socket head cap screws (Item 7), lock washers (Item 6) and hex nuts (Item 8).
3. Attach the actuator bracket (Item 3) onto the intake/exhaust mounting studs using the M8 nuts saved in section A and two M8 washers (Item 15) provided in the kit.
C. Throttle Linkage Installation
Prior to installation of the throttle linkage, one must verify that the throttle lever is located on the side of the carburetor that is adjacent to the front of the engine. Also, the throttle plate return spring will need to be removed to improve governor performance.


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