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Best muffler for 96 Camaro, want to make it growl like an old school Chevrolet

January 6th, 2011 · No Comments

I want to make my 96 Camaro growl like an old school chevy, what would be the best muffler an how much would it cost?
- If it was me I’d put a dual exhaust on it mandrel bent of course with triple chamber flowmasters on it flowmasters sound sweet.

- Right ON!! Old school Exhaust sound is my specialty.
What I did on my Impala is dual, No crossover pipe, 1.5 inch pipe all the way out the rear bumper, with only one short glasspack (Cherry Bomb) in each pipe as close to the motor as I could. Using 1.5 inch pipe gives each exhaust note a quick trip down the pipe so each exhaust stroke makes a snapping sound when it comes out the back.
People who Hot-rod, and wnat to get as much power as they can, get the big 3″ pipe, but those blur the exhaust notes and makes a dull sound. Old School makes a nice Blap, Blap, Blap, Blap noise!
Dual 1.5 inch pipe is still much larger volumetrically than a single 2.5″ pipe. So you will see a gain anyway.
But its an ‘89. If your state doesn’t let you remove the cat converter, you can do this.
If you have to retain the cat, you must get another one to seperate the pipes for a true sound, but you can eliminate the Cherry bombs if you do. (you can anyway if you want!
it’s great when youre dragging your rear bumper on the ground, with 14X6 Rev Wheels and whitewalls, going around the corner, looking at yourself in the car in that plate glass window on that storefront, while column shifting from 1st to 2nd and hearing that BlaAAATATAT, Brmmmm- BlAAAAAATTTTT… of the engine about $300.

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