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BMW 316i Coupe

June 30th, 2009 · No Comments

The idea of a big-engined smaller car of high quality and status, was then a completely novel one. Although it’s grown a bit, today’s new 316i is firmly in the same tradition, remaining faithful to an increasingly spurned formula of rear-wheel drive and four doors and a boot. With even the Sierra’s successor, Mondeo, undergoing the conversion to front-wheel drive, this latest 3-Series isn’t as roomy inside as its extra 4in outside might suggest. Neither is it opulent in its trim and equipment, particularly as prices start where those of many counterparts of similar size (if less illustrious pedigree) leave off. Why, there’s not even a rear centre armrest, and the sunroof costs extra!

BMW 316i
Acceleration times in the 316i are nothing special by current standards (30-70mph through the gears takes 12 seconds) and likewise, fuel economy, at just under 35mpg, is merely respectable. Actually, both are slightly inferior to this car’s lighter predecessor, although the new version’s slippery shape improves mpg on the motorway and raises top speed on the Autobahn by 9mph, to 121mph.

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