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BMW 325i Oil Change, How much do they cost?

January 17th, 2011 · No Comments

I recently purchased a BMW 325i. The nearest BMW dealership is an hour and a half away. I am almost to my 15,000 mile oil change and was wondering how much it should cost. I know it will be more than a normal, 3,000 mile oil change, but this is my first BMW so I don’t have a clue on the every 15,000 mile oil change price.

- I own and operate 3 Pennzoil oil changes in Michigan and we do BMW’s and Mercedes all the time. The price I charge is about $65. The only reason is that you should use synthetic 5w40 oil (well that depends on the year, which you didn’t mention). Also the oil filter is a little more than most. I cant believe that people pay as much money as these answers are suggesting. I hope you can find a trustworthy person to change your oil in your area. They are no harder than most any other car on the road. Like I said the only reason we charge more is for the filter and anyone that uses synthetic pays more whether in a chevette or a BMW.
- What is will be getting is a complete fluid change so it shouldn’t cost no more than 300-350 at the most,,i own a repair shop ,,and do these on these cars we usually charge some where around that price,,and we do it all

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