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BMW E39 Euro-spec CELIS “Angel Eye” Head Light Installation

June 6th, 2011 · No Comments

This DIY covers the install of Euro-spec CELIS (aka Angel Eye or halo) assemblies on a pre-2001 E39 to mimic the newer-style 2001+ E39 head lights. Note that the Euro-spec a ssemblies do not have the small side parking indicator, which is required for DOT-approval.
Hella Euro-spec Xenon CELIS clear-corner head light assemblies (pic below). A very complete list of the different styles can be found on
Head light mounting brackets (should be included with head lights)
Pre-wired turn-signal/parking light Y-harness adapter (pic below). Detailed i nfo can be found on If you require the harness pieces, buy these harnesses from the dealer and assemble them using the instructions.
(Qty 2) P/N 63 12 0 025 497
(Qty 2) P/N 63 12 0 025 499
1. Check your existing ballasts. If they look like the one pictured below, they will not work since the new ballast mounting bracket is sized for the newer-style ballasts and the bulb connector won’t fit at all. Stop until you obtain the correct ballasts.
2. Park against a wall and use masking tape to mark the approximate focus poi nt of the low beams for future reference.
3. Remove the existing headlight assemblies. Refer to the Head Light Removal DIY if needed.
4. Remove the new mounting bracket from the CELIS assembly by removing the two screws (see red arrows) and pulling it in the direction of the blue arrow.
5. Remove the old mounting bracket on the car by removing the (2) screws (top pic) and replace it with the new bracket (bottom pic). IF THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR BRACKET, PLEASE REUSE YOUR EXISTING BRACKET
6. Install the body-colored trim piece from the old assembly onto the CELIS assembly. Be careful not to break the fragile end-hook.
7. Use the Y-harness to split the existing combo turn-signal/parking light connector into two separate plugs.
iT Wagon Owners Note: Some (approx) pre-2000 model vehicles had a differently-wired combo connector with only 2 wires instead of 3. This poses a major hurdle since the Y-harness won’t sen d a 12V signal to the new CELIS parking light halo rings. I’d suggest you check on (no solution posted so far) or ask the board for assistance as I haven’t heard of an implemented solution yet. Scroll to the bottom for some untested “hypothetical” solutions. If you find an answer, please e-mail me so I can ad the info to this site. Here’s a picture of the unique stock wiring.


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