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Cam Service Set for Ford V8 / V10 Modular Engines

May 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

6009 Ford Camshaft Positioning Tool. To prevent damage to valves and pistons, do NOT rotate the crankshaft and / or camshaft(s) when removing the timing chain(s) and installing the cylinder heads. Because this is not a free-wheeling engine, if it has “jumped time,” there will be damage to the valves and / or pistons which will require the removal of the cylinder heads. The cam sprocket should be disassembled from the camshaft only when one of the components must be replaced.
1. Remove all necessary components to access the timing chains.
2. Rotate the engine to No. 1 TDC.
3. Install No. 6009 (511532) on flats of the camshaft as shown to prevent accidental rotation of the camshafts.
4. Perform camshaft service as required.
5. Refer to the vehicle service manual for the correct camshaft-to-crankshaft timing procedure.


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