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Camaro Drop Spring Installation

February 14th, 2011 · No Comments

Front Spring Replacement
Lift the car and support it properly. This installation can either be done on jack stands or on a lift. Open the hood and remove the plastic cover from the upper strut nuts and the upper nut and plate on each side – See Figure 1 and Figure 2. This nut is 24 mm. This may allow the strut to lower from the tower, but most likely it will be stuck in place still.
Lift the vehicle and remove both front tires. Remove the bolt (10mm hex) that holds the brake line to the strut housing and remove the wheel speed sensor wire from its bracket on the strut housing
Remove the 15mm nut that holds the swaybar endlink to the strut and move the endlink out of the way. You may have to use a 7mm box wrench to keep the stud from turning. Mark the location – with a scribe or marker – of the upper strut to spindle bolt. This hole is slotted and is the adjustment for camber. Marking the location will give you a starting point when re-assembling.
Remove the two nuts on the spindle to strut bolts (24mm hex). Support the strut by hand and remove the two bolts. The strut should be able to be removed from the vehicle now. The upper mount may stick in the tower, some amount of force and twisting might be required to remove the unit. With the unit out of the car, use a spring compressor to compress the spring and remove the spring perch retaining nut (see Figure 1). The upper perch, and the spring can now be removed from your strut.


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