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Camaro-Mustang Challenge Racing Series 2010

February 16th, 2011 · No Comments

Camaro Mustang Challenge is a racing series with two classes: CMC1 and CMC2. The following rules are not guidelines for this series but an actual listing of allowed and required modifications. All of these rules apply to both CMC1 and CMC2 cars unless otherwise stated. The only modifications are those specifically allowed. If not specifically allowed, any modifications shall be prohibited. Some equipment may be required to support the sponsors who have contributed to the year end points fund.
The intent of the Camaro Mustang Challenge (CMC) racing series is to provide National Auto Sport Association (NASA) members a racing series featuring production V8 pony cars. Modifications will be limited to those necessary to promote safety, close competition, and flexibility to enable drivers to learn and experiment with the principles of race car setup within boundaries intended to limit expenses, thereby providing the drivers with fun, exciting, and challenging yet approachable racing.
Good sportsmanship is valued more than finishing position. This means clean, well-executed passing is to be a trademark of the series. Punting another competitor, or leaning on them to gain a position will not be tolerated. Car to car contact including bump drafting can result in an investigation and possible sanctions.


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