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Change a 1995 chevrolet silverado manual transmission to an automatic transmission?

January 5th, 2011 · No Comments

- Really this is not to bad of a swap if you have a four wheel drive you may have to get donor parts,You will have to find a radiator out of a auto truck and the tranny cooler lines maybe a salvage yard. Summit makes a tall shifter for the floor.I had a 1993 with 4speed OD granny 1st if this is what you have keep it these things are virtually indestructible and they are awesome with a set of 3.73 rear end gears. With four wheel low and the granny gear it makes for awesome off road control! Good Luck!
- Actually, don’t have to change much. get tranny, flexplate, pedal assembly and tranny wiring harness. cross member is same, just need to reposition it, get drive shaft shortened, same computer, just take to dealer to get it reprogrammed. change rad to an auto rad, or use aftermarket cooler.fuse panel is same. use b&m truck shifter to change gears. swap is relatively easy to do.

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