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Change your own oil in a 2006 BMW 325i?

January 16th, 2011 · No Comments

I have changed oil in my old Ford Explorer as well as my wifes Acura RDX…Is the BMW any more complicated? Any tips? How do you reset the service light. I am also due for a new microfilter and brake fluid? I think I can handle the microfilter. Any thoughts?

- It is easier to change the oil on BMW’s than on any other car I have ever seen. The filter is sitting on top of the engine just behind the radiator. You need to have either a 32 or 36 MM socket to open the reservoir that the filter sits in. The drain plug is no different than any other car.
BMW does recommend their own oil which is a special Castrol 5-W30 synthetic blend only sold by BMW dealers. My dealer charges $6.25 a quart but each dealer can set their own price.
You can go to to find specific instructions on how to reset the service lights. It is done by pushing the knob which controls the diagnostics. On earlier BMW’s you had to use a special reset tool.
The brake fluid bleeding is straight forward like other cars. I use a Motive pressure bleeder which makes it very easy for one person to do the job.
The microfilter is very easy and again go to bimmrforums to see specific instructions.
- Oil changes are more or less the same. You should check your oil cap or owners handbook for your fluid types. It should tell you how much oil the car will take as well as what type. You should be able to do it yourself with the experience you currently have.
As for your brakes, Brake systems are a closed hydraulic system…I wouldn’t mess with it unless you really need to. Are you actually boiling your brake fluid? i doubt it. Brake fluid is recommended to be changed because the fluid will absorb water over time and that lowers it’s boiling point. if you break heavy you can get water to boil causing air in the lines. if your brakes bite good and the pedal doesn’t feel “spongy” then don’t worry about brake fluid, keep the system closed. if you need to bleed it a little…but i doubt your doing hard enough braking to justify this. it’s one of those book maintenance things that a lot of mechanics love to tell you that you need even when you don’t.

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