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Chevrolet 1500-2500-3500 TireGate P/N GM80001, GM80004, GM80015, GM80018

December 30th, 2010 · No Comments

Installation Instructions: 1. Remove tailgate by disconnecting the tether cable and lifting the tailgate out at approximately a 45º angle. (Reference the truck’s Owner’s manual).
2. Carefully remove the OEM tailgate pivot cups taking note of which side they belongs to.
3. For the GM800001, remove both taillight assemblies (2 screws each). (Reference the truck’s Owner’s manual).
4. Remove tether bolt. A special wrench may be required.
5. Remove latch pin bolt. A special wrench may be required.
6. Figures 1 through 5 show the three styles of TireGates.
7. Install supplied pivot cups and the right and left OEM pivot cups in left and right side uprights. See Figure 6.
8. Slide the torque tube onto the left and right upright mounts. See Figure 1. Install new pivot cups with the factory hardware. On model GM80018 pivot cups there is a “P“ stamped on the back for the passenger side and a “D” stamped on the back for the drivers side pivot cup. See Figure 6.
9. With the left and right uprights pushed in on the torque tube, install onto the pivot pin and install the torque tube bolts and washer, 4 places (M10X1.5X70mm, washers and lock nuts) to keep the uprights from turning. DO NOT tighten lock nuts yet. See Figure 6.
10. Install uprights with M10 x 100mm bolts (GM80001) in the top holes (GM80004 use M8×90mm, GM80015 use M8×110mm) washer and support washer (4 large washers are installed between the upright and the truck) and latching locations. Note that the upper bolt is secured with a lock nut behind the tail light assembly on the GM80001 only. Install 2xM8×90mm bolts (GM80001 and GM0004) or 2xM8×110mm bolts (GM80015) and washers in the tether (lower) position.
11. Due to truck manufacturing tolerances, it may be necessary to loosen the bolts attaching the truck’s tail gate pivot pin(s) to properly locate the TireGate’s left and right uprights. See Figure 6.
NOTE: To mount the TireGate in the inboard direction, install the latch pin cable bracket on the left side lower bolt. For the outboard direction, install on the right side location. See Figure 6.
12. Tighten the four (4) upright bolts. M10 torque to 35-38 ft/lbs. M8 torque to 25-30 ft/lbs.
13. If necessary, tighten the bolts securing the truck’s tail gate pivot pin(s) to factory specs.
14. Tighten the four (4) torque tube bolts. M10X90mm torque to 30-35 ft/lbs.
15. Install bushings on the TireGate. The slotted bushing will be installed on the latch pin side and positioned so the slot is across the truck. The pivot bushing will be installed on the hinge side of the TireGate. See Figure 1.
16. Lift the TireGate and install both latch pins to hold gate in position to assist in assembly.
17. To install black plastic thrust washers, hold them on the top and the bottom of the gate as you slide the gate into the upper and lower clevises. Insert M10X100M hex bolts (Note: Grease the shaft of the bolt before installation. Do not grease the thrust washers) Tighten just enough to take the slack out of the bolts and then torque to 18-22 ft/lbs. DO NOT over tighten the lock nuts.
18. Install spare tire using the Y bar and safety cable as shown in Figure 7.


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