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Chevrolet & GMC Truck Offset Camber Bushings Installation Instructions

December 30th, 2010 · No Comments

NOTE: Offset Camber Bushings must be installed in pairs to supplement OE adjustment range, when alignment specifications cannot be achieved.
Pre Checks: Perform pre alignment checks in a normal manner. Take alignment readings to determine if the right or left side needs the most correction. Proceed to install product on that side first.
General Instructions (All Models)
1. Raise vehicle in a safe manner.
Note: Vehicle must be supported under the lower control arms with an appropriate safety device.
2. Remove wheel assembly.
3. Remove brake line brackets from upper control arm.
4. Uncouple plastic fastener and remover ABS line from control arm.
5. Remove and discard both pinned plastic inserts, holding factory-adjusting cams from rotating.
6. Remove upper control arm flange bolts and spin arm 180 degrees to gain access to the control arm bushings.
Removal Instructions: * (Using Optional “C-Clamp” Adapter Kit)
7. Install receiver tube over large end of bushing and install extractor plug on small end of bushing. (See Fig. 1 & 2)
8. Install open eyelet of ball joint press over the extractor plug. Holding the ball joint press in a level position, snug screw assembly.
9. Check Alignment of all components, then using steady pressure from an impact gun to remove bushing.
10. Check and clean control arm eyelets of any burs or rust as needed.
Note: (1/2, 3 / 4 & 1Ton, HD Models, Hummer H2 Models) The Control arm has a double eyelet at each end, a spacer is needed which is placed between these eyelets to (To Prevent bending )when removing and installing control arm bushings. (See Fig. 2)
11. Repeat process for other control arm bushings.


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