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Chrysler “B” Engines Adjustable Rocker Arms Installation Instructions

October 10th, 2009 · No Comments

Crane’s adjustable rocker arms must be installed on NEW rocker shafts. Care must be taken to install the oil feed holes in the new shafts toward the cylinder head and toward the valve springs so that oil pressure gets to the side of the shaft which is heavily loaded. These rocker arms are installed in pairs as shown in Figure 1. Install one large coil spring spacer between each pair of rocker arms. There are 3 types of rocker shaft stands used with Chrysler “B” engines. The two aluminum bolt-on types require the use of spacer rings to properly center the rocker tip over the valve stem. Install the spacer rings as shown in Figure 2. The spacer rings are available from Crane as part number 64770SR.

The spacer rings are not used with cylinder heads having the rocker shaft supports cast as part of the head. Install the rocker arms and coil spring spacers on the shaft and bolt the shaft down to the head using the proper clamp plates. Tighten the bolts down evenly and torque to 15-17 ft/lbs.

Before installing the adjusting screws into the rocker arms, coat the threads thoroughly with engine lubricating oil and install jam nuts. After installing adjusting screws, check and clean any metal particles and chips from oil holes in rocker arms. To achieve correct valve adjustments, adjust lash to proper specifications, tighten jam nut securely while holding the adjuster screw securely; and re-check valve lash.

It would be good practice to coat the rocker shaft, rocker arm ends, rocker arm adjuster balls, pushrod ends and end of valve stem with a lubricant such as Crane Engine Assembly Lube. Before starting the engine, a liberal quantity of engine lubricating oil should be applied to the complete rocker assembly, valves and pushrods.


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