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Dodge Charger Radio Dashmount Installation Instructions

December 6th, 2010 · No Comments

Radio Dashmount Installation for Dodge Charger
Step 1: Remove Trim Panel
-Start at the bottom edge of panel and gently pry out near storage pocket area. Move up to near the stereo and pry out again. The last two clips are at the top above the air vents, pry these out and the entire assembly will release.
-The climate controls are attached to the trim panel so next step is to remove the wiring clips from the rear of the unit. Now remove the wiring clips from the upper button assembly.
Step 2: Remove Air Vents
-The air vents are attached by several clips along it’s perimeter. (It may be of assistance to quickly remove the button assembly to ease the removal of the air vents).
-Gently release the clips and pry the air vent assembly out of the trim panel.
Step 3: Install “Base Bracket”
-Install and run any wiring that is needed.
-Remove the 2 screws holding the white plastic shroud.
-Position the “Base Bracket” so that the bottom of it rests on the top of the stereo housing, and the top edge is behind the upper dashboard trim.
-Guide the wiring through the cut-out, and re-install the two screws you removed in the previous step.
-Now insert the 2 carriage bolts supplied with the kit so that the heads are on the inside of the plate. It might be helpful to use tape to hold them in place for the next step.


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