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Dodge OBD2 Diagnostic Port Installation Instructions

December 5th, 2009 · No Comments

Plug the module into the diagnostic port. The diagnostic port is under the dash, below and to the left of the steering column. Secure the device up under the dash where it will not be in the way. Attach dpf emulator and pressure sensor emulators.
IMPORTANT: Wait at least 15 seconds after key is on before starting engine. Function light will flash quick when it is communicating, then will flash slowly when it is done.
IMPORTANT: If you are using a chip programer, or when the vehicle is taken to a repair center, it is recommended that you first unplug the DPF-R module.
OPTIONAL: Unbolt the factory diagnostic port connector, and bolt the DPF-R pass thru connector in its place.
EXHAUST NOTES: If you are doing your own exhaust mod, it is important to place the oxygen sensors back into the exhaust. The sensors require a standard O2 sensor bung or nut welded on the pipe. Reference the stock pipe for location.


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