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Dodge Ram 4WD Front Leveling Kit Installation Instructions

November 27th, 2009 · No Comments

1. To begin installation, block rear wheels and apply parking brake so that the vehicle is stable and cannot roll forward or back. Lift front of the vehicle on appropriate lift points, such as the frame, and support the frame with jack stands on both passenger and driver sides. Remove front wheels.
2. Position a floor jack under the front axle and raise jack until it makes contact with the front axle. (See Figure 1)
3. On the drives side, place an index mark on the stock coil spring and another index mark directly across from the first mark on the lower coil spring perch. This will allow you to reinstall the stock coil spring in its original position. Repeat step 3 on passenger side.
4. Disconnect top nut on sway bar end links on driver and passenger side, set nut, retainer, and bushing aside. Pivot sway bar up and out of the way. (See Figure 1)
5. Disconnect nut from passenger side drag link (outer tie rod end). Hit steering knuckle with a hammer at the point where the drag link stud comes through. This will break the stud loose from the steering knuckle. Breaking the stud loose may require the use of a ball joint separator. Gently tap the stud down through the knuckle. Be careful not to harm the stud or stud threads. Moving this out of the way allows access to the passenger lower shock bolt.
6. On driver’s side, locate the top of shock absorber stud, located in the engine compartment. Remove the top nut, retainer washer, and grommet from the shock. (See Figure 2)
NOTE: Save these parts, they will need to be reinstalled later. Repeat step 6 on passenger side.
7. On driver’s side, remove the (3) stock nuts from the upper shock tower and set upper shock tower aside for reinstallation later. (See Figure 3) Repeat step 7 on passenger side.
8. On driver’s side, remove bolt from the lower shock mount through access hole below the coil spring. Save hardware for reinstallation. Remove shock from access in engine compartment. (See Figure 4) Repeat step 8 on passenger side.
9. Carefully lower floor jack enough to allow the removal of the stock coil spring. On driver’s side, remove the coil spring and the rubber isolation pad and set aside for later reinstallation. Remove ring that retains the shock tower bolts and discard. Repeat step 9 on passenger side.
NOTE: Removal of the passenger coil spring may require the use of a spring compressor.
10. Lower the floor jack to allow room for the stock coil spring and the new upper coil spacer.
11. On the driver side, place the isolation pad on top of the stock coil spring, place new coil spring spacer on top of isolator pad. Place the entire assembly into the stock spring location. Turn the spring so that it is lined up with index marks made in step 3. Line the spacer studs up with the holes in the shock tower. Raise the floor jack until new coil spring spacer seats into the upper stock location. (See Figure 5) Repeat step 11 on passenger side.
12. On the driver’s side, install the shock down through the engine compartment and secure the bottom of the shock into the stock location using the stock hardware. Tighten to 100 ft-lbs. Repeat step 12 on passenger side.
13. On the driver’s side, reinstall stock upper shock tower into stock location. Secure new coil spring spacer to upper shock mount using 3/8” hardware provided with the kit. Torque to 35 ft-lbs. Repeat step 13 on passenger side.


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