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Edelbrock Hydraulic Roller Lifter Kits Installation Instructions

January 23rd, 2011 · No Comments

These precision hydraulic roller lifter kits are the perfect match for Edelbrock Performer-Plus and Performer RPM hydraulic roller camshafts. They may also be used with other manufacturer’s roller camshafts. Retrofit kits are for engines not originally equipped with a hydraulic roller camshaft and lifters. These kits contain eight (8) hydraulic roller lifter assemblies, consisting of one intake and one exhaust lifter connected with a tie bar. Replacement kits offer sixteen (16) or individual lifters to replace OEM lifters in engines originally equipped with hydraulic roller camshafts. Replacement kits will require the factory guide system. See Applications below for details.
Applications: 97383: Retrofit Kit. Small Block Chevrolet, 1986-earlier. 97384: OEM Replacement Kit. Contains 16 lifters. Small Block Chevrolet, 1987-later. NOTE: Requires factory guide system or Edelbrock Lifter Installation Kit #97386.
1. If using lifter installation kit 97386, install the lifters using the supplied lifter guides to line up the lifters.
2. Install the lifter hold down spider over the lifter guides. Make sure each tab on the spider contacts the center of each lifter guide.
3. Secure the lifter hold down spider to the lifter valley using the three supplied hold down bolts. Torque bolts to 18 ft./lbs.
4. Adjust lifter preload as described in the “Installation Notes” section on Page 1.


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