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Engine Block Heater Installation Instructions

February 27th, 2011 · No Comments

• Be careful not to damage engine block threads when removing freeze plug or installing block heater.
• Handle engine block heater with care to avoid damaging the threads.
• Do not over-torque engine block heater.
• Ensure that power cord doesn’t contact exhaust pipes, sharp edges or vehicle moving parts.
• Torque removed vehicle parts to proper specifications
1. Remove engine undercover on right side only.
2. After the engine coolant and engine components have cooled down, drain engine coolant from radiator and remove threaded freeze plug. (For plug location refer to application chart on page 1.)
3. Apply a thin layer of gasket sealant (Nissan P/N 999MP-A7007) on both sides of the gasket. Slide it over the engine block heater threads.
4. Install engine block heater to engine block being careful not to damage the threads. Torque heater to 32 + 4 (4.5 + 0.5 kg.m).
5. Connect power cord to engine block heater and route cord as follows:
A. From engine block heater route cord down, between drive shaft and engine block, toward front of the vehicle between exhaust pipe and engine oil pan (Figure 2). Attach cord to engine block ear on left side of compressor with a tie wrap. Continue routing cord along the left side of the compressor and attach it to the compressor high pressure hose (rubber portion) with a tie wrap.
NX: Route cord under radiator core support and out to the front of the vehicle through right side opening of front lower grille. Secure cord to grille with tie wrap
Sentra: Route cord up and toward the right, through the opening behind right head lamp, between the two legs securing the front grille to the radiator core support. Secure cord to vertical member of front grille with a tie wrap (Figure 4). CAUTION: Make sure that power cord is not routed close to or touching any of the vehicle’s moving parts or hot surfaces.


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