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Engine Torque Link Bracing Kit Installation Procedure

November 11th, 2009 · No Comments

1) Remove front engine mount upper bolt with 14mm socket. The front engine mount is located on the timing cover side of the engine also known as the front of the engine.
2) Install the small torque link bracket as shown in picture. Use supplied M10 bolt and tighten to finger tight. A 13mm wrench or socket is used for this bolt. Do not torque down this bolt just yet.
3) Remove power steering reservoir tube mounting bracket bolt with 10mm socket.
4) Remove alternator wire bracket bolt with 10mm socket.
5) Remove ground terminal bolt with 10mm socket.
6) Install the large torque link bracket as shown in picture. Use supplied M6 bolts with a flat and lock washer and tighten to finger tight. Make sure you install the power steering tube mounting bracket, the alternator wire bracket, and ground terminal on top of the NWP Torque Link Bracket.
Note: Only 3 bolts can be used on the 95-99 Maxima.
7) Install the torque link assembly as shown in picture and make sure everything fits properly. Insert the clevis pins with the safety clips to connect the torque link assembly to the brackets. The torque link features opposing threads. The side of the link coupler with the line denotes left handed threads. Make sure the torque link is installed with the side with the line connected to the upper bracket as shown in the picture.
8) Once everything is installed loosely and fits properly, tighten the front engine mount bolt to 40 ft-lbs with a 13mm socket.
CAUTION: Not applying the proper amount of torque on all the fasteners may result in stripped threads or broken bolts.
9) Torque the four M6 bolts on the lower bracket to 7ft-lbs (84 in-lbs). Most 3/8” drive torque wrenches do not read accurately below 10ft-lbs. You may have to use a smaller torque wrench that reads in in-lbs.
10) Once the torque link brackets are secure, when standing above the engine bay and looking down at the torque link coupler, turn it clockwise to tighten the engine down to your preference. 2 or 3 complete turns of the coupler should be the most you’ll need depending on the condition of your engine mounts. You may use an open ended 19mm (or ž”) wrench to tighten the coupler a little further if you prefer.
11) Once the torque link is tight, use the open ended wrench to tighten the lock nuts against the coupler to prevent it from moving under load.
Note: To disconnect the torque link, loosen the lock nuts and rotate the torque link coupler counter-clockwise. Then, remove the pins and completely remove the torque link assembly from the engine bay. Leave the brackets in place for your next race day.


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