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European Mazda B2500 Undercarriage Kit Installation

April 26th, 2010 · No Comments

Read instructions before assembling. Fasteners should be finger tight until instructed to tighten according to the torque chart. Use standard methods and practices when attaching snowplow including proper personal protective safety equipment.

The recommended pushbeam height for this undercarriage assembly is 10-1/2″ from the center of the pushbeam to level ground. DO NOT exceed 12-1/2″ in height for this undercarriage.

NOTE: For easier assembly and installation, vehicle and all snowplow components should be on a smooth, level, hard surface, such as concrete. NOTE: Actual placement to be determined by installer based on recommended pushbeam height.
1. Position each hanger plate (Item 6 and 7) on the truck frame rail and secure.
NOTE: Verify recommended pushbeam height. Finger tighten the fasteners until all undercarriage parts are in place.
2. Mount the pushbeam (Item 1) square with the bottom of each hanger plate using cap screws (Item 8), washers (Item 9) and locknuts (Item 10). Tighten the pushbeam hardware according to the torque chart.
3. Secure the rear support arms to the vehicle.
4. Level the pushbeam with the floor and tighten the hanger plate hardware according to the torque chart
NOTE: After five to ten hours of snowplow usage, retorque all undercarriage assembly fasteners.


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