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Fifth Wheel Installation Diagrams

October 7th, 2010 · No Comments

This installation manual has been provided to you as an aid to help you install the various Valley 5th wheel hitches. Much of the data presented was gathered as feedback from successful installers. We very much appreciate your help.
With this manual we are not trying to imply that these are the only acceptable installation positions or methods but, again, offer them as an aid to speed and ease installation. This is a living document in that it is continually being updated with new installations and tips. We continue to solicit your help and accept any feedback that you have to offer. Again, we appreciate all of the advice that you have given.
CUSTOM KIT–Requires both a 70580 Base Rail and Bracket Kit with hardware
STANDARD KIT 70550/70450 Comes complete with universal brackets, base rails, and hardware.
NOTES: All applications include dually pickups. In the following diagrams the location dimension is from the rear edge of the pickup bed to the rear of the rear base rail. Approximate installation time for experienced installers is 3 to 4 hours. Gooseneck plate 69880 may be used with the 70550 or 70580.
70550 – Complete Universal Kit Includes: • 70580 Rail Kit • 55150 Bracket Kit
70450 – Rails For Downsized Pickups Includes: • Rails Only
70570 – Flatbed Adapter Kit Includes: • Low Profile 5th Wheel Legs For use with Valley 16K 5th Wheels Only.
53710 – Straight Mounting “L” Brackets Includes: • 2 Straight (90 Degree) Brackets
53850 – Angle Bracket Pair Includes: • One Left Angle Bracket • One Right Angle Bracket
53860 – Offset Angle Bracket Pair Includes: • One Left Offset Angle Bracket • One Right Offset Angle Bracket


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