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Ford 8 Inch and 9 Inch Rear Disc Brake Installation

March 15th, 2011 · No Comments

The pre-assembled ABS Power Brake bracket is place on the axle end in place of the original drum brake backing plate. The machined indentation should face out from the axle tube. This is where the original bearing retainer plate will go. The arms that are bolted to the bracket are where the caliper will mount. These arms should face to the back. the caliper will mount to the back of the axle housing.
Reinstall the axle through the new caliper mount bracket and secure using the original hardware for the bearing retainer plate. You can now install the rotor by sliding it over the axle. it is helpful to use a lug nut or two to hold the rotor in place while installing the calipers. The calipers are installed with the supplied hardware and must be installed with the bleeder screws pointing up. lf parking brake cables were included in your kit. install them into the caliper and connect to the vehicles parking brake system. Adjust parking brake. Bleed the brakes and test.


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