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Fuel Injection Pressure Tester Kit

September 9th, 2009 · No Comments

This Fuel Injection Pressure Tester Kit is designed to perform fuel pressure tests on most domestic and imported cars and trucks that are equipped with electronic fuel injection systems. The tester saves you money by helping you test and troubleshoot fuel system problems that can affect your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy.
The tester can help you identify and diagnose:
• Low fuel pressure
• Leaking fuel injectors
• Faulty fuel pressure regulator
• Clogged fuel filter
• Leaks in the fuel system
• Faulty fuel pump

This Fuel Injection Pressure Tester Kit is designed for use on vehicles equipped with electronic fuel injection systems only (Multi-port, Sequential, Multi-point, Direct, Throttle Body, etc.). DO NOT USE ON DIESEL SYSTEMS.

The kit includes adapters to be used on the following fuel injection system applications:
1. All fuel injection systems that are factory equipped with suitable fuel pressure Test Ports (Schrader Valves). See “Connecting To Systems With Existing Test Ports (Schrader Valves)”, page 12 for further instructions.
2. Fuel injection systems that are equipped with a removable “Fuel System Pressure Fitting” that facilitates the use of the “Fuel System Pressure Fitting Adapter”. See “Connecting to Systems Using Fuel System Pressure Fitting Adapter”, page 13 for further instructions.
3. Fuel injection systems that are not factory equipped with Fuel Pressure Test Ports or removable Fuel System Pressure Fittings but are equipped with “flexible rubber fuel supply lines” that can facilitate the use of the “Tee Adapter”. See “Connecting To Systems Using the In-line Tee Adapter”, page 14 for further instructions.

The following vehicle coverage tables and lists are to be used only as a general guide. They are in no way intended as a substitute for vehicle manufacturer’s instructions and procedures. Damage to the vehicle being tested, the test equipment or personal injury can result from improper testing procedures. Always consult the vehicle’s service manual for proper fitting size, application, installation and test procedures.


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