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Fuel System—Fuel Pump Whining/Buzzing Noise Comes Through Entertainment or Two-Way Radio Speaker

September 12th, 2010 · No Comments

TSB 01-7-3 is being republished in its entirety to update the model year coverage and vehicle line coverage.
A “whining”/“buzzing” noise in the speakers of the entertainment radio or two-way radio on vehicles with an in-tank electric fuel pump may be caused by electrical noise from the fuel pump.
Install an electronic noise Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Filter (F1PZ-18B925-A) on the fuel pump inside the fuel tank. Refer to the following Test Procedure to confirm that the concern exists, then refer to the Service Procedure for repair details.
Fuel pump radio noise is relatively constant and changes only slightly with vehicle speed. If the frequency of the noise varies or the noise comes and goes with the vehicle speed, then it is not the fuel pump and this fix will not be effective. The following procedure will help determine if the fuel pump is the cause of the radio noise:
1. Turn on the radio before the key is turned on (assuming the radio will operate without the ignition key – you may need to put the ignition key in the Accessory position).
2. Turn the ignition key to the Run position (do not start the engine).
3. The fuel pump should run for about 1 second with the key in the Run position with the engine not running. Listen for noise in the radio. If noise is present while the pump is running and stops when the pump stops, then the noise is being generated by the pump and this procedure should help.
1. Remove the fuel pump sender assembly from the fuel tank. Refer to the appropriate model year Workshop Manual for removal procedure.
2. On vehicles without a fuel delivery module, remove the negative and positive connectors from the fuel pump, Figure 1.
a. Cut the wires to the fuel pump 76mm (3″) from the flange of the fuel pump and discard the wires.
b. Connect the RFI filter connectors to the spade terminal on the fuel pump.
c. Cut and solder both the red and black wires of the RFI filter to the red and black wires of the flange. Use Heat Shrink Tubing (F5AZ-14A099-AA) over the solder connections.


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