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Have to get service engine light off to pass inspection 2004 BMW 330ci?

February 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

Went to garage he reset light off done 70 mile light back on told me i need to replace 4 oxygen sensors how could they all be gone is this right.

- Most likely they are not all bad. I’ve seen it only a few times, and every time ALL of them are bad there has been other underlying concerns. You really need to take it to a competant garage that has the ability to read a scan tool properly. My guess is that he sees an O2 sensor code, and the EASIEST way for him to deal with it is replace them all because he is unable to read the data properly, or he doesn’t have the right equipment to diagnose the issue properly. I hat to say it, but your best bet may be a Beamer garage. If you do feel confident in this garage and you do have them do the work, make sure you get a warrranty that says after you drop the $1000 or more that the light WILL NOT come back on. Don’t let them pull the ” Well, there really are many concerns that can mimic themselves as this one and without having replaced the sensor, the computer wasn’t really able to “see” the true underlying concern.” Because with proper diagnosis those problems will have been eliminated or addrssed.
- You can’t reset the light and erase the codes just before an emission test, the readiness tests must be completed or the test will not pass. This will take several driving cycles with at least 15 minutes of driving over 45 mph with out stopping. There are no codes that say all the O2 sensors are bad. There will be Bank 1 or 2 and sensor 1 or 2 codes for each Bank (cylinder head). To further diagnose the concern, a mechanic should read the voltage readings of all the O2 sensors to determine which ones are out of spec. A bad MAF sensor will throw lean codes for O2 sensors before they fail completely which a poor mechanic will miss diagnose as all the O2 sensors being bad. Time for a mechanic that knows what they are doing!

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