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HD Standard Length SYE Kit for the NP241

December 6th, 2010 · No Comments

Installation Instructions for the NP241C or NP241DLD Transfer Case. This kit fits for Jeep, Chevy, Dodge.
• Use for installing Dodge NP241 into Jeep TJ, YJ, XJ with original Jeep speedometer
• Install in existing Dodge NP241 (truck) with transfer case mounted speedo pickup
• Use for installing Chevy NP241 into Jeep TJ, YJ, XJ requiring Jeep style speedometer
• Install in existing Chevy NP241 (truck) with mechanical speedometer (driver’s side F/O)
• Use for installing Chevy or Dodge NP241 into custom chassis requiring mechanical speedo cable hookup
• Kit includes new HD 32-spline output shaft and rear bearing housing
• This kit will not work on the NP241DHD with PTO cover.
Installation Instructions
Note: This kit can be installed without removing the transfer case from the vehicle however it is recommended that the unit be removed to ease installation of the SYE kit.
1) Drain the fluid from the transfer case. This kit can be installed while the transfer case remains in the vehicle however, removal is recommended for an easier installation.
2) Remove the 10mm bolts (4) holding the tail cone onto the bearing housing.
3) Remove the retaining ring.
4) Remove the 10mm bolts (4) holding the rear bearing housing onto the rear case half.
5) Remove the bearing housing using a pry device. Be careful not to damage the case during this process.


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