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Honda Civic Si & Acura RSX Icebox Cold Air Intake

October 13th, 2010 · No Comments

Comptech recommends that you read through these instructions before starting installation and that you use an Acura Factory Shop Manual to supplement these instructions. All Comptech products are intended to be installed by a professional installer. Always use jackstands to support the vehicle when a car lift is not available. Always work in a clean environment and use the appropriate safety equipment to avoid any potential damage or injuries.
Step #1 Remove Stock Airbox
• Before disconnecting battery locate radio code to reactivate radio after installation. (write down preset channels for later use)
• Disconnect Negative battery terminal.
• Remove battery positive terminal, tie down clamp, battery and plastic tray.
• Remove engine cover around throttle body on intake manifold (A).
• Remove stock air box lid and filter.
• Disconnect Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor, remove upper intake hose and clamps (B).
• Remove air box mounting bolts and nut. Rotate air box forward and out. Remove rubber grommets and stepped bushings from stock air box*.
• Remove Lower Air inlet hose by removing mounting bolt from radiator cross support above cooling fan.
• Remove ground strap bracket on side of transmission (C). Relocate ground strap from transmission bracket to top of transmission (D).
Step #2 Install Comptech Airbox
• Install (3) stock rubber grommets* (E) through large holes on underside of mounting ears on Icebox (a small dab of filter oil may be used to ease this process). Insert stock metal inserts* (F) into bottom of each rubber grommet and insert long stock bolt* with washer and thin rubber grommet into icebox on driver’s side hole.
• Install supplied aluminum spacers on top.
• Install lower inlet tube through space between transmission and battery box (Upper Radiator hose may need to be slightly bent up out of the way). Locate transmission mounting bolt aligned with air box inlet lower bracket (G). Remove bolt and reinstall through bracket. Do no tighten until air box is installed.
• Install lower air box into position. Slide inlet tube into air box and align locating hole (H). Insert plastic pin and completely depress top to lock in position (H). Attach lower air box using stock long bolt on driver’s side. Use supplied 6 x 35mm bolt and 6mm nut in right side mounting holes. Tighten (2) supplied short bolts and one long stock bolt to 6-8 ft/lbs. Reconnect Intake Air Temp sensor (IAT) plug.
• From Below: Tighten lower air box inlet bracket bolt (G) on transmission to 15 ft/lbs. Tighten Icebox inlet nut and bolt on bolt-on bracket at this point.
• Civic: Requires trimming plastic splash panel below Intake inlet.
• Reinstall stock upper inlet hose.
• Slide air filter onto inlet tube, apply filter oil to ease installation and help seal filter to inlet.
• Oil Comptech air filter. Install inlet tube with filter attached into icebox. Attach valve cover breather hose to icebox inlet tube using factory clamps and connect inlet tube to stock inlet hose using stock band clamp (I).
• Reinstall the IAT sensor into stock inlet hose.
• Install lid using (4) supplied phillips screws. Use supplied #48 band clamp to seal end of icebox lid to inlet tube (J).
• Reinstall plastic engine cover.
• Reinstall battery, tray, hold down clamp and terminals.
• Enter radio code, and reset.


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