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How can I fix a power window that works sporadically on Chevrolet Cavalier?

January 14th, 2011 · No Comments

I have a 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier. The front drivers side (power) window pretty much works when it feels like it. I usually don’t have issues getting the window down, but sometimes, when I try to roll it back up, it will stop. I will have to wait a few seconds before it inches up a little more, then wait, and try again. Could this be a motor issue or could there be something else wrong? If it is the motor, is it something in the door itself or something to do with the controls (which is between the two front seats)?

- Punch your door panel any time it wont go up. that’ll help with that, most likely it could be wiring or the motor for the windows …which is the likely possibly
- It seems like it can be a few different problems. One of them can be that the switch on the door panel may have worn out and needs to be replaced. It also can be the wiring from the switch to the window regulator (motor). On it can be the regulator (motor) or the window track might need to be greased.
- We have the same problem with a back window in a Chevy corsica and I had a similar problem with my Chevy suburban. I was reading about something else in Chevy corsicas, but came across a lot of forums with people complaining about their window problems…it’s very likely a motor…I don’t think it’s too difficult to replace, and you can find instructions online…it’s the whole taking the door apart thing that’s a pain.

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