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How difficult to do brakes on a 03 Chevrolet Avalanche?

January 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

- Avalanches are not hard to work on. Let me guess, the rear brakes are worn down. These are easy to fix though, remove the 2 bolts holding the caliper to the caliper mounting bracket. Remove the brake pads and compress the piston. If you live in the rust belt, you will probably be looking at replacing rotors as GMs have rotors that turn into rusted globs of steel. To get the rotors off, remove the 2 bolts holding the caliper bracket to the axle assy. Remove the retaining clips from the studs holding the rotor on the vehicle. Smack the rotor with a hammer to remove it. Clean the caliper mounting bracket where the pads slide with a wire brush and lube with brake grease. Make sure all hardware and slides move. Install the new rotor, caliper bracket, pads, and caliper. Test drive after tire installation.

- Newer domestic cars and trucks brakes are not all that complicated, nothing much has changed, only the introduction of abs (anti locking braking system) Pretty sure your truck will have abs system, so it is extremely unwise to push the piston back into the cylinder as it may damage the abs controller pump (if you want to play Russian roulette) so open up the bleeder valve and depress the piston slowly and close it as soon as you stop pressing the piston. Make sure there is no air in the system after you do the brake job, heard horror stories of people working on their cars and forgetting to bleed the brakes properly and smash into the most convenient thing. But otherwise its not very difficult and can be done with basic tools.

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