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How do I access the top of the gas tank on Cadillac?

December 27th, 2010 · No Comments

I need to replace a sensor located on the top (very rear) of my fuel tank. The only way that I see this possible is to drop the tank. In order to do that would mean removing the exhaust system, drive shaft, heat shield and many other items. Just for the heck of it I called a Cadillac dealership to get a quote for the job. They said the labor would be $90,00. This is impossible if they have to drop the tank. What am I missing (no access panel inside the car)?

- They probably aren’t dropping the drive shaft or exhaust, just dropping the tank enough to get to it,but i agree $90 for dropping the tank from cadillac is a helluva good buy. monday i did a 1974-5 olds cutlass that hasn’t been fired since 1991, it ran like a dream.nice car for 100 bucks, but the holley 600 needs a kit. i just cleaned out the fuel system, timed it,put some lube in the oil for the valve train and sealed the holley and bled brakes and changed a flat. all for free, that was a better buy.believe it or not the air shocks still had air in em.

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