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How do i change the fuse on BMW 325i 1994?

January 20th, 2011 · No Comments

I recently had a system put in my car and since then the lights on my guages went out so at night i cant tell how fast im going or anything. i just want to know how i can tell what fuse it is or how to check if a fuse is dead or not. i took it to some guy onetime to change a fuse and he gave me extras.

- The system that was put in is drawing too much power. Check your fusebox and look for the ‘gauges’ slot. If you take the fuse out, just look at it, it will be broken in the middle if bad. If it is, replace it and get the system changed to another circuit.
- I assume you do not have an owners manual, all the info you need is in it. Find on the internet a salvage yard that deals in BMW’s to sell you a used one or contact a dealership to order a new one.

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