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How do I change the water pump in a over 20 yr old Cadillac?

December 25th, 2010 · No Comments

I know where it is, but theres stuff in the way, whats the easiest way to get it out and put a new one in?
- The vehicle information would be helpful. There are at least 8 different models of Cadillac’s that were available 20 years ago, all of which had different engines and options. I could tell you how to replace the water pump on a 1988 DeVille but if you happen to have a Fleetwood or Eldorado, my directions won’t do you any good.

- There isn’t an easy way for you to do it. The easy way is to pay someone else to do it. The way to change the Cadillac water pump is to do a lot of work getting all that stuff out of the way- I hope to God you don’t have to disconect the airconditioner since you can’t get freon anymore to refill it. One of the luxuries about owning a luxury car is paying a barrel of money for simple repairs.
- There is no easy way, you still have to remove the fan (if it still has a clutch fan and not an electric one) and release tension on the serpentine belt. You’ll also have to remove any brackets in the way.

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