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How do i remove spoked hubcaps from a 1988 Cadillac Deville?

December 25th, 2010 · No Comments

Lost tool to remove where can I find one?
- You need a hub cap key. from 1981-1989 go to a junk yard and purchase one. it has to be the same kind of a car though.

- There were a number of different lock wrenches made for your car. Go to your local dealer and ask the parts department to check your VIN, or your build code. They can then do a parts search on line and find out if one is available in your area. Go to a small dealer if you can. They usually will be more helpful than a large dealer.

- i know what your talking about,i got a 88 olds that has them kind of hubcaps.i guess all i can tell you is,go to the junk yard or a gm dealer,or you can order might find 1 of those tools in back of a old junk car, at the junk yard.

- Cadillac dealer parts department. Think there are about 8 different ones. You could hammer a large screwdriver or tire iron into ‘lock’ and twist off. (this lock is neccessary to hold hubcap on)

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