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How do I replace the front brake pads on a 1984 Cadillac Deville?

December 25th, 2010 · No Comments

So far I have lifted the car, taken the tire off, taken those two long bolts out, put that little clip from the old pad on to the new pad and put both pads in the thing that holds them. But it seems that the two pads are too thick to fit over the rotor. Is there some kind of trick to getting it back on the rotor?

- What you have to do is make sure the piston is all the way back in and do you see the bushings that the bolts goes through? well take a hammer and pound them back in, then the caliper should go on the rotor. your,s is the same as my 88 oldsmobile and that,s what i have to do.
- You need to compress your caliper pistons. get a big pair of pliers and press the piston back into the caliper. or put the old pads back on and put the caliper back on the car and put a screwdriver between the pad and rotor and pry it open then put the new pads on.
- You need a C clamp or a caliper piston compressor tool to push the piston back in. Be sure to open your fluid reservoir when you do this so the fluid you are pushing back into the system has somewhere to go.
- A c-clamp is perfect for the job, just insert one of your old pads and turn the clamp slowly till the piston is flush with the caliper again.

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