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How long will a clutch last with a whining release bearing on BMW 328i?

February 6th, 2011 · No Comments

The release bearing on my BMW 328i is whining a lot but the car still drives perfectly. I have been quoted £500 for a new clutch so am planning just to keep driving it till it fails – how long do you think I’ve got? Will it get worse or will I just be stuck somewhere?

- Is it your release bearing or your input shaft bearing,one will cost you a clutch job the other will cost you a tranny overhaul and maybe clutch work: because of the mileage: the key is proper diagnosis go to a well reputed tranny guy or girl. a tranny guy or girl should have the cleanest shop you have ever seen if not keep looking your car will not quit on you tomorrow or the next or the day after that, i see a pattern here be patient and it will reward you.
dont forget to check the oil level in the tranny before you start
- The bearing in this case is a friction surface rather than a ball or roller bearing. It is not unusual for these to squeal if they become dry or if a piece of grit gets into the surface. They can also squeal if bearing surface dust gets between the bearing surfaces. In these events it could go on for a very long time before any failure and there is the distinct possibility that the noise will just go away. I would feel inclined to give it a few weeks at any rate just to see whether a change in the weather has any effect. There is not much risk to this.
- Wait till it dies and you will be stranded at the roadside with an urgent appointment to make and because it has eaten into the arms of the clutch cover it will cost you more. Save up for a week or two with your fingers corssed and get it fixed before it dies. You will regret the savings if you wait.

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