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How much does it cost to restore 1992 BMW 325i two door convertible?

February 8th, 2011 · No Comments

My dad has an old 1992 BMW 325i. He said that if I restore it I can keep it. The interior is the only thing that really needs any work. The convertible soft top needs to be replaced. It needs to be repainted too.

- A really good paint job will cost from 5 to 10 thousand. A guess on the top would be 2 to 3 thousand and the interior, not enough info., but rough in 2 thousand and now there is tires, brakes, suspension, exhaust, tune-up and maybe timing belt and transmission service. Now before you do this, look at the projected value as well as insurance costs.
- It will cost you around $9,000 or more to restore it the right way. the 325i is not a very good car to restore the rear suspension on those cars are very easy to break because they are maid out of week aluminum and also the 328 is a better car because the 2.5L in line 6 in yours is a slow engine.
- Needs to be seen to estimate work good auto trimmers are hard to find myself i would get the trim shop to estimate for work. get the car thoroughly checked out by a decent mechanic before going ahead , the respray should be trouble free . rusty car?

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