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How much gas is left of my 2000 BMW 323i sedan once the gas light turns on?

January 24th, 2011 · No Comments

Needle is still not close to the far left or gague, but the light is already on. How much do i have left?
- You’ll know when you fill it up just after the light comes on because your owner’s manual tells you your fuel capacity in gallons. Make sure it’s got at least 3 gallons left because you don’t want to ever run out of gas and risk ruining your fuel pump. Plus, all the junk and water from the bottom of the tank get pumped up into the fuel filter and you’ll have to replace it. The best safeguard to running out of gas is to set the trip odometer to zero when you fill the tank. Then at 20 mpg, you’ll know you can go 280 miles before you need to fill up with 4 gallons remaining.
- I never let my gas tanks go below 1/4 tank for simple reasons: the crud on the bottom of the tank gets sucked into the pick-up tube and starts to clog up the filters & fuel pump. Not to mention the extra water in the fuel you may find, One other thing the fuel pump in the tank is emerged in the fuel, the fuel around the pump helps to keep the pump cool and prevent it from burning out early, if you are below 1/4 tank it doesn’t cool it much if any. I find it’s cheap insurance to keep the level above 1/4 if at all possible.
- Check the owner’s manual if you have it. I have an ‘06 Ford Escape and when the low fuel light comes on, it usually means I’ve got about 2 gallons left (or enough to go about 40 miles, if I’m on the highway).

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