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How much will it cost to repair blown head gaskets on a 2000 BMW 328i?

January 16th, 2011 · No Comments

I’m selling my ‘98 Buick for $4000 and I received a trade offer for a 2000 BMW 328i, but it doesnt run because of the blown head gaskets.

- Better be careful on this one because a blown head gasket on a BMW can mean about 1200-2000 bucks to repair,those are very expensive to work on ,you,ll have to have the head trued back up or a head gasket wont last long on it,and the gasket set alone for that one is well over 100 bucks just for the upper part of it,if the head is bad on it it will cost more than its worth to repair it,so be careful the 4 grand you get may all go in to repairing this one,i have done those before and their not cheap to work on at all,parts are high for those cars.
- It could cost more than you are sell you car. It could also need a head. They are not cheapt for bemper. With a good motor is worse 10, to 15,000. One with a good motor is not worse more than a couple thousand dollars.

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