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How much will it cost to replace the engine in a 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier?

December 31st, 2010 · No Comments

I think that I can get the motor myself at cherry auto parts for around 700.00.I was just wondering if I do it that way how much it will cost to have someone put it in for me.Also, the air doesn’t work, so any ideas on how much that will cost and what might be wrong with it?

- I thought i was the only one that had that problem. well i bought the engine for 600 then had a guy put it in for almost 2 grand but he also put a gas tank in it to. the air doesn’t work in almost all the ones that i have rode in and those people don’t no why it doesn’t work eather thats what it ended up overall is 1500 with all new lines and stuff.
- Most people will charge 300 to 500 dollars to do this, but before you order this engine remember that they usually charge a core which you get back when you bring your old engine back in(just in case you were trying to figure out how much to save.) The best thing to do is just call some of the reputable repair shops in your area to see what they charge.
- The shop i’m at would charge around $800 – $1000CDN for the installation, it all depends on where you are located. In my opinion, cavalier’s were disposable cars and when they died that was it, buy a new car. Most companies have cars like that, Dodge had the Neon (now the Caliber), GM has the Sunfire/Cavalier, Ford has the Escort. Its just one of those cars, where its just not practale to replace the engine. It would end up costing the same to buy a replacement Cavalier. That’s in My opinion. Also, my shop, along with many others, will not install customer supplied parts. This is NOT because the shop want to make extra money on it, it is because of warranty issues. If you had a “new” engine installed and it didn’t work, should the shop have to come clean on the labour to reinstall YOUR part. No.

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