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How much would it be to paint my 2008 Cadillac Escalade ext candy apple red?

December 25th, 2010 · No Comments

How does the process of painting candy apple red go?
- You can get it done at discount paint shops for sixty bucks. You can get a really good paint job at a reputable body shop for six or seven hundred. They strip it down to metal, primer it, and paint fifteen or twenty coats, then several coats of clear laquer.

- A good quality paint job will probably be $3500 minumum. Just to buy the paint from a good quality manufacturer will cost nearly $1000. If you can afford a $70,000 truck you probably won’t settle for a dirty shabby discount paint job.

- A guy i used to work with took his car to maaco for their $299 paint special. They didn’t even wash the car before they painted it. The mud bubbles were peeling off the same day he got the car back. They told him a car wash was not included in the price.

- All that depends on how much your going to spend. Spend a dollar and a group of 6 year old’s come over with crayons, spend 2-8000 yes thousands and Chip Foose will paint it with a tooth brush for a new paint color custom effect that you only have.
Get the picture it’s up to you but you will get what you pay for….

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