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How reliable is a Nissan Altima?

December 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

I’m looking for a used car with a relatively low budget. I was looking Honda/Toyota but stumbled on a ‘99 Altima yesterday that seemed to be a great deal, much more car than the Corolla for the same price and mileage. BF is adamant that I shouldn’t go Nissan because I will put more money into it in maintenance than a Toyota/Honda and because Nissan is partnered with Ford. However, I have never heard bad feedback about Nissans being unreliable, not like Fords or other American made. Does anyone with mechanical or long term Nissan experience have any thoughts on this?

Ans: Nissan’s are VERY reliable cars. I drove an ‘82 280ZX for 230,000 miles. I now have the old girl parked and blocked. My current driver is an ‘05 Nissan Altima. I love this car.
Nissan isn’t partnered with Ford. That is Mazda. Nissan is owned by Renault, and is that company’s big moneymaker now. Nissan did partner with Ford on MINIVANS back in the late 80s, but that is long over and was on a single product line.
I specifically shopped for a Nissan when I wanted a new car. Unless my wife changes her mind and wants another model, we’re going to be buying a Versa in the next year.

- Definitely have any car checked out a mechanic of your choice. If the seller doesn’t agree, then go else where.
I bought my 99 altima with 34k miles and put another 150,000 driving lots of cross country. Only thing I’ve had to replace is a one cv joint, new set of tires, and one turn signal lens. Thinking about getting the timing belt replaced soon though. Preventive maintenance.
I was impressed enough with the altima to buy a 03 frontier. No major problems on either yet. good luck

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