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How to change car battery on 2007 BMW 328i?

January 30th, 2011 · No Comments

I have tried charging battery but it doesnt seem to be taking the charge.
- A battery only last around 3-5 years. Your battery is almost 4. I’d say replace it.
Just force the plastic cover off. It will be tough, but play around with it and it will come loose. The carpeting in the trunk and against the wall are holding it down. Then just remove the negative terminal first, then the positive, lift the old one out and drop the new one in.
- First question, do you have a proper charger. Second question, is the battery any good. If a proper charger connected properly cannot charge the battery, replace the battery.
- To change it you have to go into the trunk. Just unbolt the cables with an adjustable wrench and put the new one in. Turn the old one in for the $9 refund. Your radio may be messed up tho. It requires a code, or the old ones do. Get the code from a BMW dealer.
- You might have something draining the battery, or maybe you alternator not charging. When the car is running you should have 15 16 volts at the battery.

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