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How To Change The Oil filter On 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier?

January 5th, 2011 · No Comments

- Unscrew the old filter. make sure the old gasket comes off. screw on a new filter of the proper part number.
- Use the proper size oil filter wrench.First remove the oil pan drain screw and make sure you have a drip pan under it for the oil pan to drain into. Once its drained replace the screw then move the oil pan under the filter because it will be full of oil.and remove filter and put in the drip pan too. Then put the new one on and replace the oil to the proper level. Mostlikely 7qt. Put in 5 then check level to make sure you dont overfill it or you will loose power and it will stall out on you.
- There is a plastic plug which takes 1 1/4 socket on top front of engine to unscrew. oil filter is attached.
- All you need to do is screw the old one off,and use a few drops of oil and put it on the new seal on the new filter and clean all the old oil away from where its going back on,and install the new one back on,its really cheaper now days to have the oil changed on them,most places only charge like 20 bucks or so to do this,and your going to spend almost this much doing it your self.good luck i hope this help,s.,PS if you decide to do it your self ,don’t over tighten the new filter it will leak if you bust the new seal on it hand tighten only but make sure it is tight.

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