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How to convert 81 Cadillac Coup Deville with an V8-6-4 engine to an 8 cylinder?

December 25th, 2010 · No Comments

This notorious engine suffers all the well documented problems, stalling out in traffic, hesitation, check engine light, etc…I’ve heard there’s a conversion kit? Or something to unplug? Too dangerous to drive as is?

- Your best bet is to remove that engine, and replace it with a Chevy 350 engine, and trans. You will be better off. The reason you have to change the trans is, your trans will not bolt up to the motor, different bolt pattern.
- It’s not the engine but the electronics that decide when to close off gas supply to cylinders. Unless you know what you’re doing, just sell it to a good mechanic who can figure it out. The engine itself is fine. Oddly enough GM is at it again with the same stuff in newer cars.
- a v8 is an 8 cylinder and if ur saying it has a 4 or 6 cylinder, just don’t waste your time,unless your going to completely customize it, and than u might as well pay some else it, unless your ready for some heavy fab work

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