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How to escalate my new Nissan car’s problem to Nissan headquarter?

December 19th, 2010 · No Comments

I bought a new Nissan Sylphy in Jan 2010. It gives me so many problems that I have to send to workshop to repair several times in less than 2 months. The sales branch level only ask me to send for repair, their Kuala Lumpur headquarter also say the same thing. Personally I opined that the problems arise mainly due to (1) spare part quality, and (2) car assembling workmanship. I need to find out the channel to bring to Nissan headquarter in Japan, anyone can advise?

Responder: I suppose you have good reasons (and some material proof) of what you’re asserting. Write to your Nissan importer, copy to the Manufacturer’s Headquarters in Japan, and state clearly the problem(s) supporting it with bills, photos or other useful info.
National importers definitely don’t like when customers write directly to their global HQ, so this, together with some pressure from the HQ, might actually help to get THEIR full attention to your case – the first step towards a satisfactory solution.

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