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How to fix a broken starter bolt hole on Chevrolet Small Block

January 6th, 2011 · No Comments

1974 chevy 350- outer ear of starter bolt hole is broken off- is there a viable repair? fresh rebuild- has not been started yet- installed in truck and ear broke off when attempting to start the first time.

If by some chance that is one of the blocks with both types of starter bolt holes (I might be thinking of a 305) then you could get the other type of starter for that block. If you don’t have it, I don’t know if someone could weld anything in that location being an iron block I assume? I have never heard of this happening. Worse case: get another block. Sounds like it was either loose or your timing is way off or you have a bind up in the motor or tranny. Flywheel on tight and balanced? (Just throwing thoughts out there about possible solutions.

Sounds like the brace that bolts the back end of the starter to the block wasn’t installed,causing the starter to try and kick away from the engine therefore cracking the block. Find the correct brace bolt the starter on with the one remaining bolt, take it to a good welding shop thats good with cast iron and have them weld the ear back on, you’ll have the brace to hold it securely in place. Check for proper clearance at starter drive.

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