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How to get 70 Chevrolet door to close flush?

January 11th, 2011 · No Comments

This is on an older chevrolet from the 70’s with very big doors. Doors longer close flush, they sit out a bit and down from the car body. What is best way to fix this. And I would prefer staying away from just jacking them back into place since that seems like a short term solution that could cause quite a bit of damage.

- First you should probably take a trip to your local parts store and get a hinge pin and bushing kit (these are cheap). This will bring the door up and keep it from sagging. Then once those are installed you can adjust the doors by loosening the bolts (don’t take them all the way out) on the door side of the hinge or the pillar side. Only loosen the bolts on one side of the hinge, not both, you will loose every bit of adjustment in your door. The only advice with this portion of the repair is be patient and see if you can find someone to help move the door around while someone tightens the bolts. It will take a few times of adjusting and testing to get the door fit correct (oh and make sure to take the striker out before closing the door). Once the door fits good replace the striker and leave the bolts a little loose (but tight enough to hold the latch in place). And close the door gently, open the door and finish tightening down the bolts.
If there is no bolts in the hinges unfortunately the only way to adjust them is to bent the hinge (jack up the door). But put new bushings and pins in before making any adjustments.
- To make it fit tighter to the body you have to adjust the door latch and the striker and you say the body lines don’t meet you will probably have to replace the door hinge bushings to fix that.

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