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How to get the brake drums off a 1993 Chevrolet S10?

January 1st, 2011 · No Comments

The brake shoes are adjusted all the way in, wire brushed, sanded, and sprayed the hub with a good penetrating oil, tapped the drums with a hammer, and even tried a little slide hammer action. The center hole just doesn’t want to break loose, even after being soaked with penetrating oil. I’ve done several brake jobs before, this is the first one with frozen drums. I don’t really want to heat them with a torch, any ideas?

- I own a shop, and have encountered this problem many times before. The trick to it is; Use a wire brush to clean off all the rust you can, and use a file on them as best you can. Even sanding them with sandpaper will work too. Once you have all the rust off; Spray around them good with a penetrating oil, and it would be best if it has rust inhibitors in it, as this kind works best. Spray it many times, let it sit, and spray it some more. You need to be pretty accurate with a hammer to do this, but you need to knock the crap out of it right between the lug bolts, and you must be careful to not hit them, or you will have to replace them too. First hit it at the 3:00 o:clock position once really hard, and then the 9:00 position really hard. Now go to the 12:00 and 6:00 positions. After hitting each several times; Spray it some more, and hit it some more. This works best with a heavy type ball pean hammer. Keep doing this, and it will eventually let go, and come right off. I haven’t figured out why these has to fit so tight, as it makes it a pain in the @ss to get them off. Prying on them won’t do much good, unless you can back the adjuster off some. I wouldn’t use heat as this may damage the seal in it, and that would be just something else to contend with. I have done this before, and it has took 10-15 minutes for it to let go, and at other times it popped right off. If you damage the lug bolts, they aren’t very hard to replace, but a minor pain to change. You can install them easily by using a nut turned backwards, and tap on the back as you tighten the nut until they are pulled all the way in.
This should get you going. By the way; It’s a good idea to wear some eye protection.

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