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How to Identify which 327 engine is in Bel Air Wagon?

January 13th, 2011 · No Comments

I recently picked up a 1965 Bel Air wagon, that has a 327 engine in it. My question is, how do i tell if it is the 250hp or the 300hp engine? The fading sticker of the valve cover says “Chevrolet 327 Turbo-Fire” . I am unable to get any numbers off of it right now. but any info would be much appreciated.

- There is a number on the back of the block, by the top of the bell housing…grab flashlight and get this number…look straight down. if you have this number you can find out whatever ya want about your 327 7 to 9 digits.
- Look at the front of the heads, There will be two humps on the front of each head if it is 300 horsepower , if it has a upside down V or one single hump, it is the lower power one ,they will be located at the bottom of each head.
(Been there, done it many times ) built more of these than I can count.
- Find the vin code and type it up on the vin decoder do you know how much horses each version of the 327 made go find a dyno shop and measure its bhp.
- Is it an original engine?? If so then take the serial number to a mechanic that can look up the number (chev dealer can do it) and they can tell from that what engine is installed.

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